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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Expecting Moms

Congratulations! You are either expecting or have someone you love who is. This is such an exciting time in life and it is important that the expecting Momma is comfortable, relaxed, and nourished. There are some essentials that are necessary for this to happen and they happen to be great gifts – for showers, holidays, and just because! I have created a list of the perfect gifts for the expecting mom. This list is compiled of items I received or that I had gotten myself and also items that I have gotten other expecting mothers.

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Whether you are expecting or you know someone who is, this list will provide the top 10 gifts that every pregnant mom needs! #pregnancymusthaves #giftguideforpregnantmoms

I forgot to mention, this list is also budget friendly! It can seem overwhelming during this time because of the changes going on, the expenses of pregnancy, and the cost of preparing for a new baby. If you are an expecting Momma, you can also utilize the Amazon Baby Registry. You can add the items I have presented on this list to the registry and share with anyone that you like! There is a great return policy and you can receive a discount on select items. If you are a Prime Member, you will receive a 15% discount and have even more goodies waiting.

1. Comfy Slippers
I have a need to have comfortable shoes, especially when I am at home. Pregnancy can cause the feet to hurt and swell, so having some super comfy cushions to rest them on at the end of the day (or throughout) is perfect. My favorite brand is Muk Luk. I actually have slip on slippers, slipper boots, boots, and their sandals. So depending on the season, Muk Luk has you set on the perfect pregnancy shoe.

2. Comfy Clothes
When you are pregnant, it can be a pain to find comfortable clothing! During both of my pregnancies, I was pregnant during fall and winter, so sweats and loose shirts were my go to! For warmer weather pregnancies, tanks and elastic waisted shorts are super comfortable. I recommend getting some maternity nursing combination tops and some elastic waisted or drawstring pants. These are comfortable for home, at the hospital, and for the new mom period of life. It is great to have comfortable clothes too as our bodies come back to normal. I have listed my favorite items below for inspiration!

3. Coffee Mug and Water Bottles
Not everyone drinks coffee through pregnancy but we all want to have a nice beverage. I have a daily cup of joe, lots of tea, and lots of water. For whatever reason, I felt that if I had a fancy mug, tumbler, or water bottle, I would consume more of my liquid self-care. Really, what it was, was that I could finish my coffee while it was hot, I could drink multiple cups of tea in style, and that my water bottle helped me keep track of how much water I consumed – because, during pregnancy, you need to consume a ridiculous amount of water. This is a little gesture that goes a long way with an expecting mom and these are great gifts that carry on into the new mom portion of life! For an extra bonus, you can add a box of Pregnancy Tea or Red Raspberry Leaf Tea.

4. Pregnancy Support Pillow
This was a game changer for me. I still had to get up in the night to pee but I wasn’t waking up at all hours because I was uncomfortable. I finally had belly support and was able to prop my leg up at an angle that my hips felt supported too. I also found it helped to relieve my back pain – especially as I neared the 9th month.

I was all about reading up on everything going on in my body. The two most beneficial books I read for my pregnancies were What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. Ina May’s book, regardless of whether you have a natural birth or not, is a great resource to remove the negative stigma in birth and help you build a positive and fearless mindset of the wonderful journey to come.

6. Birthing Ball/Yoga Ball
I was on the ball through the whole pregnancy with B. I am on it all of the time with this one. It allows for easy exercise and it relieves pregnancy aches and pains too. Do I need to say more? Oh yeah, after you have the baby, you can rock the baby to sleep on the ball. It is amazing.

7. Dry Shampoo
Washing hair is a thing of the past as you near motherhood and especially once you get there. It is a crucial item to have in the arsenal! Towards the end of my pregnancy, it took a lot of energy to wash my hair, so this helped a lot to be able to stretch out the washes.

8. Robe
I found myself after work and on the weekends living in my robe. It was just super comfortable and it was easy to take on and off as my temperature fluctuated. I never had a heavy weighted on as I used it as jacket most of the time. It was nice too after I had B. It was loose clothing that was easy to breastfeed in.

9. LilleBaby Carrier
Now, the expecting Momma will not use this during pregnancy but she will use it religiously once the baby gets here. If I had to choose one item that was absolutely essential for new motherhood, it would be this. I literally wore B through all of the ups and downs and it saved my motherhood. Did I mention that you can even wear them through toddlerhood? That is how awesome this carrier is.

10. Massage
Massage was an absolute staple through my pregnancy. It helped my body relax, eased the aches and pains, and even helped me with my delivery. When choosing a therapist, you want to make sure that they are certified for prenatal massage – I prefer having the therapist having me sidelined vs having the drop table too.

Here are my Top 10 gifts for the expecting mom! If you would like to see my other gift guides be sure to sign up for my emails and if you haven’t already, make sure to create your baby registry on Amazon.

Whether you are expecting or you know someone who is, this list will provide the top 10 gifts that every pregnant mom needs! #pregnancymusthaves #giftguideforpregnantmoms

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  1. Great gift ideas! I’ll bookmark this post for when I need to do some shopping in the future ? I hate trying to think of gift ideas for other people so this is great.

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