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The Ultimate Mom Hack That Saved My Motherhood

There are quite a few essentials that you will need when it comes to pregnancy, the postpartum period, and the newborn phase. It can be a little inundating, actually! But I want to share with you the ONE item that absolutely saved my motherhood. I literally was able to use it from the newborn phase and up ( we are currently in toddlerhood and I am pregnant, and still utilizing this tool on the daily) – BABYWEARING.

There is one mom hack that every mom needs to know! It will save your energy, your sanity, and your motherhood! #momlife #momhack #babywearing
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The Postpartum Phase aka The 4th Trimester

Momma, you are pretty much Super Woman (let’s be real, you actually are). You just brought a child into this world, you are dealing with a new body, learning how to adjust to life with your baby, and adapting to this new life in general. Those first couple weeks, you will experience a sleep schedule you thought never existed, hours and hours of holding the baby, your new job is to feed this baby and read minds to know what other needs need to be met. It is glorious – I thought so at least. I cherished those moments and hold them so close and I am actually excited for them when this new baby gets here.

During all of this, I also kept freedom – freedom to move around, freedom to go out, freedom to love and not wake the baby. I will also note, I hate having my littles cooped up in car seats, so I would take them out when we would get the destination. How did I get this freedom? Babywearing.

We tried about every carrier out there and the only one B liked was LilleBaby. This company was not only the most suited for her but they are health conscious, ergonomically designed, newborn approved, and momma ran!

As a newborn (once she was within weight) I wore her all of the time. It kept her on my body, promoted bonding, helped her sleep, eased with her silent reflux due to my heavy letdown, and it let me have the freedom for quick trips out. She was snug as a bug up against her Momma – all of the time.

Infant Phase

You are out of the newborn phase Momma. Your little bundle is growing like a weed, going through leaps, sleep regressions, and likely not wanting to be put down. If your little is like B, they are a total boobie monster too.

Guess what? Babywearing will save you. I wore B when she needed comfort, when she wanted to be held when she was sick, when we were shopping, you name it! I didn’t have to struggle with a fussy baby…..about ever. People commented all of the time how happy she was. Babywearing also helped my Postpartum Anxiety. It was healing to me.

By this point in my journey, I had switched careers to being a Work At Home Mom. I was able to do all of my work, even client calls! How? Babywearing. If she needed to be held during my work time, I just wore her! It was AMAZING.

If you would like more details on how I became a Work At Home Mom, check out this article!


We also didn’t battle with having to be held in order to sleep. If we were having a rough day…you guessed it… I wore her. I was able to do all of my laundry, dishes, and sweeping while she napped on my chest. I was able to run errands while she napped on my chest. I was even able to get some exercise in and walk the neighborhood while she napped…on my chest.

LilleBaby carriers are amazing too because you can breastfeed in them! We were unstoppable! I could work, I could take care of the house, I could exercise, and bond with my baby, make sure her needs were met, and nourish our family. My love tank wasn’t empty when my husband got home – I still had the energy to nourish my marriage.

There is one mom hack that every mom needs to know! It will save your energy, your sanity, and your motherhood! #momlife #momhack #babywearing


I can touch briefly on this phase. B is mobile and very independent. But I still wear her. On our walks, I let her run until her legs get tired, then I back carry her. When I go shopping, instead if battling her in the shopping cart, I wear her. When she feels under the weather, I wear her. My LilleBaby is so comfortable I am even wearing it at 20 weeks pregnant!


Babywearing is amazing. It saved my sanity. It saved my motherhood. It also created a strong bond between my daughter and I. It did not create a dependent child – she is independent and strong-willed. It created an emotionally stable relationship. It allowed for B to get good sleep and naps. It helped my marriage flourish.

There is one mom hack that every mom needs to know! It will save your energy, your sanity, and your motherhood! #momlife #momhack #babywearing

Why LilleBaby?

LilleBaby is a Momma ran business who took health and family and created the most amazing carriers out there. They have amazing customer service, outstanding warranties, they stand behind their product, and they care about their families. Oh yeah, their carriers allow you to carry from Newborn up to 45lbs as no they gave mini carriers for baby dolls and loveys.

Looking for the best baby carrier? LÍLLÉbaby Baby Carriers are the proud winners of the Mom’s Choice Awards!

LilleBaby Carriers are the perfect gift for baby showers, new moms, not so new moms, dads even (my hubby even babywears) and the holidays! LilleBaby carriers are available on Amazon too!  I have listed my favorite carriers below.  If you are expecting, be sure to create your baby registry on Amazon for awesome savings and don’t forget to list your LilleBaby!

I’d love to hear your experience with babywearing and also if you are a LilleBaby lover!

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  1. The Lillebaby really is the best. It took me 6 carriers that KILLED my back before I finally found it. It truly has been a godsend for us. We have the Airflow version because we live in a climate that is hot year round, and it’s the only carrier out of all six that hasn’t left me and the baby dripping with sweat.

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