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The Baby Registry Guide: How To Create A Registry Without Overwhelm

The Baby Registry Guide

Congratulations Momma! You are expecting a new bundle of joy and now are faced with creating a registry. When you go into this, it seems exciting but quickly turns to overwhelm. If you are creating a registry in-store, you will come across the Want. We will address this in a moment. When you are creating online, you will come across the Recommendations. Here, we are going to go over the best places to register and what you really need. By doing this, it is going to prevent overwhelm and help you to not be inundated with stuff. That way you can enjoy your new baby and have the essentials and a little extra.

Congratulations Momma!  It is such an exciting time to be creating a registry for your baby.  I am here to help you take the overwhelm out of creating a registry.  Find out which registries are the best, what items you really need, and get some awesome discounts too! #babyshower #pregnancy #newbornessentials

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Where to Register

There are so many stores that you can register on and that in itself can be overwhelming (are you seeing a trend here?). When I was pregnant with B, I did so much research that it wasn’t even funny! I found out the perks of registering at certain stores, which had the best return policies, which ones were the most accommodating for Mom, etc. Now that I am pregnant and due with Z here in a whole whopping 6 weeks (where did the time go!?) and my sprinkle is next week, I had to recreate the whole experience I had with B, just much more minimal.

Target Baby Registry

I am a Target Mom. I am not going to lie. But part of that is because of their registry. Why would you become a Target Mom due to a registry you ask? Well, first, they had the option of doing the registry both in-store and online. They also had the BEST exchange policy. You can exchange any items up to a year after the birth date of your baby. That means if you get a stockpile of diapers, you can exchange them at any time for a bigger size with absolutely zero fuss! Target even has a small goodie bag for you at guest services.

Amazon Baby Registry

I also love Amazon Prime, as do most people I know who order anything from the internet. Amazon’s Baby Registry has the Earth’s BIGGEST Selection for registries. If you create a baby registry on Amazon, it is so easy to go ALL OUT, so be sure to go in at least with an idea of what you want. Amazon also has the group gifting feature which is fantastic for big purchases and they have a 90-day return policy for most items. A lot of small businesses have gone to Amazon too for fulfillment so you can support small businesses in the grand scheme of things. Did I mention that you also get a FREE Welcome Box?

BabyList Registry

A lot of moms have not heard of BabyList. It is an amazing resource – especially if you have a group who is pro online shopping! What makes BabyList stand out from the rest is that you can add ANY item from ANY store to your registry on BabyList. You can also add meaningful gifts you can’t buy in-store, like house cleaning, meals, and even dog walking! It is available online and for both Apple and Android users. How cool is that?

What Do I Put On My Registry

It can be intimidating and overwhelming to figure out what exactly you need for your baby, especially if it is your first one! I mentioned a bit ago that you are going to experience the Want, the Recommendations, and the Need. I am briefly going to go over these so you have the thought fresh and in the back of your mind. I am going to go with the most important first!

  • The Need – these are going to be items that you absolutely need for a baby. This is going to break down into diapers (you are going to need tons), clothing (baby can’t go naked in all four seasons), Soap, Diaper Cream, etc. These are all necessary for the baby. It isn’t really a give or take here.
  • The Recommendation – these are going to be the items that moms refer you to because it made a huge impact in their motherhood. For breastfeeding moms, they may have a specific breast pump, nipple cream, or breast pad that they recommend. They may have a tool that literally made their whole life easier (for me, it was my LilleBaby Carrier, I think every mom needs one). Don’t blow off recommendations, because there is a chance that they will work for you.
  • The Want – these are the items that you see and just have to have….and then when the baby gets here, you will use them once or realize that it is not a functional item. A comforter for the crib, stuffed animals, or that super high-tech monitor, is a want, not a need. You can fully function without these items and there is a good chance you will not use them long term.

You can put all of these categories on your registry but think big picture when you do. If you get EVERYTHING on your registry, there is a good chance you will be returning or exchanging over half of it. You also will have so much stuff that you literally won’t know where to put it all!

The Basic Registry Every Mom Needs

I am going to give you a short, small list of what I think every mom needs. It is not a minimalist list by any means but it is a list that will make sure that you have the essentials for you and your baby. And yes, I said you, because the shower is about you too.

For Mom

I am so glad you found this!  This guide has done all the research on the best registries, what you actually  need on your registry, and even great discounts on Mommy Must-Haves!  #newbornessentials #babyshower #babyregistry

For Baby

  • Diapers – I would put 5 big boxes for every size NB-4.
  • Wipes – think BIG quantities
  • Zip-up sleepers
  • Swaddles Sacks
  • 7 Outfits for each size
  • Carseat (both carrier and convertible)
  • Car Mirror
  • Stroller (that works with the carrier)
  • LilleBaby Carrier
  • Desitin
  • Onesies
  • Play Mat
  • Rattles and Textured Balls
  • Teethers
  • Banana Toothbrush
  • White Sound Machine (mine is an owl that serves as a night light too)
  • Socks and hats (depending on the season)
  • Quality Bed Sheets (my favorite is Posh Peanut’s Bamboo Viscose Fitted Sheets)

Again, this is not a huge list, but it covers everything that I used with B and everything that will be used with Z when he is born. I did use a diaper pail with B but I found it took up a ton of space and I utilized it less when she got older. You also will want to look at what furniture items you need. Do you need a pack N play, Crib, Swing, or Rocking Chair? These are items that you will use and can put on your registry.

Brands You Will Want On Your Registry

Kindred Bravely – they have the best clothes and accessories for pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding moms. Have your guests use code A-MAMA120 to get 20% off their order!

Earth Mama Organics – they have an amazing line that supports Mama and Baby. It is so safe you can eat their nipple butter, just saying!

The Mommy Wrap – I truly believe EVERY SINGLE MOM needs a Mommy Wrap AND The Ultimate Newborn Bundle. If you are wondering why, just go check out the site!

LilleBaby – these carriers are my number one mom hack. So much so, I wrote a blog article about it. You can check it out here.

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Creating a Baby Registry can be overwhelming!  Find out which registries you need to go with, what you actually need to put on your registry, and even snag some AMAZING discounts! #pregnancystyle #newmomlife #newmommusthaves

Can I Have Multiple Registries?

Absolutely! I did when I had mine with B, just because there are a lot of people who will not shop at Target. It also allowed for me to put stuff on that Target did not necessarily carry. I personally am not put off by that when I see multiple registries on invitations either. It allows for people to again, shop in different places and it allows for a difference in items too.


I hope this guide has helped take some of the overwhelm off where to register and what you might need on your registry! This is a time where you should be sitting back and relaxing, so take it easy, Momma. I would love to hear if there are any essentials you think I have left off on my list and if you love the registries I recommended. If you have another place you feel I should have on here for registries, let me know that as well!

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