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The Perfect Self-Care Gift Guide for Moms

When I think of the holidays, I think about festivities, family, and great food. But I also know the stress that comes with the holidays too – especially when you are a mom. There is so much planning, traveling, buying, and chaos (and the joy of the holidays sometimes gets overlooked). It is so important to practice self-care through the holidays to help keep Momma on a level plain.

Here is the ultimate self-care for moms gift guide! There is no better way of saying I Love You, than by giving the gift of self-care. #selfcare #motherhood #holidays

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Whether you are treating yourself or you are wanting to look to treat someone special, this Self-care Gift Guide is sure to please and relax (and is super budget-friendly). Extra bonus: all of these gifts are Amazon Prime eligible! If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Prime, it is a wonderful resource to have – you get FREE two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage, and exclusive access to movies, music, and Kindle books! You can get a 30-day free trial here ( you won’t be disappointed).

So onto our Self-care Gift Guide and stress-free shopping!

Comfy Clothes

You are a Working Mom. You are a Stay At Home Mom. You are a New Mom. Ultimately you are just a Mom. And you need to have the proper gear to cozy up in and relax! What is amazing about comfy clothes is that even though you may still be doing 100 things at once, you are comfortable and fashionable while doing so! For the perfect comfy clothes package, you’ll need super soft pajama pants, a soft loose fitting shirt, comfy house slippers of socks, and a cozy robe!

Hot Beverages

There is nothing better than sitting down and enjoying a nice hot cup of tea, coffee, or even hot cocoa. As a mom, you probably know it can be hard to ever finish a cup while it is warm or before you lose it! Husbands, take note, IT IS SO HARD TO FINISH A CUP OF JOE. But do not fear – there is a way to get around this issue. I can attest to this, as I finish my hot beverage every day. For the ULTIMATE hot drink gift package:

Coffee Lover – a bag of coffee, a microwaveable coffee mug or thermal tumbler, and a super comfy coffee shirt

Tea Lover – an assortment of teas, a microwaveable mug or thermal tumbler, a specialty tea steeper

Look no further for presents this holiday season! The perfect gift guide for mom is at your fingertips (and Amazon friendly). Treat that special lady to the gift of self-care this year. #selfcareformoms #holidaygiftguide #selfcare


I find that regardless of where I am or what I am doing, scent is one thing that always is relaxing and uplifting! I can use scent around the house and even at work. It can even bring up spirits of those around you, which is fantastic (especially during the holidays). For the perfect Aromatherapy gift, you can get some lovely scented candles (Lavender and Earthy scents are my favorites) or a Diffuser with Pure Essential Oils.

Cozy Reading

To help relax, rest, and de-stress, why not curl up with a cozy blanket in a warm nook with a book! Reading is a wonderful way to find your inner-calm and for you time-crunched Momma’s, if you get up 15 minutes early or stay up 15 minutes late, you can squeeze a warm drink and some reading in daily. It gets you out of the real world just a while. For an amazing reading nook, you’ll need a cozy blanket, a great read, a warm drink, and some fuzzy socks!

Pamper Yourself

It is as simple as sitting in a nice hot bath and having a moment of Peace. This is one of my favorites once my Little has gone to sleep. I draw a hot bath, throw a bath bomb with aromatherapy in it and sit back and soak. You’ll also want to have an amazing robe to wrap up in after, so your relaxation can carry on.

Decorate to Relax

Sometimes it is really hard to have a moment of Peace and quiet to have some self-care time. The beauty of self-care is that it comes in many different forms. For the super busy Mom or even the homebody, when the atmosphere is right, it is easy to feel more relaxed. You’ll need some comfy cushions, a soft throw blanket, some baskets to help declutter your living area, and some fantastic candles.

Relax this holiday season knowing that you and your loved ones can sit back and enjoy some self-care. Here is the Ultimate Self-Care GIft Guide with easy ordering options, that will make the holiday season stress-free and festive. #holidays #selfcare #momhacks

Wrap it up

I hope that these gift ideas not only assist in helping a Momma get some self-care but also give you ideas on how to implement into your daily routine! Most of these self-care activities can take place with littles hanging on you and a lot of them take 15 minutes or less to implement.

Be sure to check out my other gift guides and read up on self-care for moms! Let me know what you favorite self-care for moms gift is! I’d love to hear.

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  1. Great suggestions. I have some Tazo Tea at home. I really like the cucumber white tea. It’s light and easy to drink. Comfy clothes are a daily accessory to me. The cool mist humidifier is something I need to look into. Rachel from Explore Kid Talk

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