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5 Ways to Help New Moms (That Really Make a Difference)

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You are probably here reading this because you are about to have a new mom in your life…or maybe you are about to be a new mom and are looking for ideas on what to expect when the baby gets here.

5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #postpartum #motherhood
5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #postpartum #motherhood

I am so glad you are here. It is so exciting when babies come into the world. New babies bring so much joy and they also bring transition!

5 Ways To Help New Moms #newmotherhood #momlife #4thtrimester

The first couple months are a critical time for Mother and Baby to build their relationship. They are learning each other and getting into a routine. During this time, the Mother is also healing. On the outside she may look fine but on the inside, her body is rebuilding after carrying and delivering a child, her hormones are regulating, and she is learning to adjust to the new schedules.

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So how can you help? One of the most offered help is holding the baby so mom can sleep. When I had B, I couldn’t sleep when other people were holding her. A lot of times, I couldn’t sleep when she slept!

Here is what helped me the most:

5 Helpful Things to do For A New Mom #motherhood #newmom #momlife

Bringing in food.

It was so nice when people would bring food. I had some freezer meals prepped and some hot meals delivered. It is so easy to forget to eat with a newborn. By having healthy meals with easy prep and clean up, it saved me time, energy, and sanity. I was able to care for myself, baby, and husband.

Providing Laundry Service.

Having someone come in and help me with laundry was so helpful. Washing, drying, and folding made it so easy to put away without the stress of handling a baby through it all. I was happy to have someone even use my washer and dryer – I just was not able to keep up on everything.

5 Ways to Help A New Mom #motherhood #4thtrimester #momlife

Cleaning the house.

I dont know many people who enjoy cleaning. Then add a baby and a dog tired emotional Momma to that mix – cleaning isn’t going to happen. My co-workers gifted me with a house cleaning service. I went out while my house was cleaned and came home to sparkling happiness. It was also a huge help when my Mom and In-Laws would come and help me pick up. It helped me to not fall behind.

Letting Momma Shower

My Mom would come over and hold B so I could shower. I didnt have to worry about rushing. I didnt have to worry about phantom cries. I was able to relax, knowing that B was safe and just in the other room.

Help with shopping.

I have some Mommas that had people who would actually shop for them but I preferred to have someone go with me. It was great having someone hold the baby while I was grabbing stuff and provided a big support when I could tend to her needs without delaying much needed outtings.

5 Helpful Tasks that Make Mom Life Easier #momlife #4thtrimester #motherhood

I would love to hear your thoughts on these tips and hear what your favorite methods of help for new moms are!

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5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #motherhood #mothersunited

5Ways to Help New Moms #momlife #newmom #motherhood5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #postpartum #motherhood5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #postpartum #motherhood 5 Ways to Help New Moms #newmom #postpartum #motherhood

5 Ways to Help New Moms #helpingmom #newmom #motherhood

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  1. Hey! I wanted to see if I could use this article in a post on my blog. Its an excellent list and something that is So important to share! I’m not asking for anything else other than using it as a link to your blog in a post I write.

  2. I like posts that are written so clearly, without needless information, and yet everything is said. I wish I had something like this when I was new mom 🙂

  3. It’s so nice of you to list additional ways beyond taking food. My specialty is taking food, because not a lot of people are going to want you to do their laundry. But if you have close friends and family – the more help the better! We had my mom come stay with us, and we alternated overnight shifts with the baby. After she ate, we took turns shushing her and walking her until she fell asleep.

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