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Navigating The Holidays As A New Mom

The holidays are officially upon us. As a new mom, you may have noticed that they crept up with no notice! Time moves fast once a baby arrives. It is important to stay calm and mindful (and festive) through these days. This is a joyous time to bring new family traditions to play and create beautiful memories.

Being a new mom comes with a lot of transition. Here are some tips to help you navigate the holidays and save your sanity! #newmom #holidays #selfcare

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Practice Self-Care

You are a new mom! You are learning to balance life. You are trying to make sure everyone in the house is nourished. In doing so, you may find yourself unbalanced and that your nourishment for yourself dwindling. On top of all of this, the holidays are fast approaching and you will being giving even more energy out! Do not fear though, with self-care, you will find unparalleled balance and nourishment for your soul.

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Have a Plan and Be Prepared

I made sure that my holiday shopping was done early to make sure that everyone’s gifts were covered. This allowed for me not to stress about gifts closer to the holidays and so I could make sure I didn’t forget any gifts. Being a new mom is crazy sometimes.

So in preparedness, I communicated with family, because we have four families to celebrate with, and scheduled our gatherings. Then I made a list of the people and gifts that were needed! I had all of this planned and ready so I could enjoy the holiday festivities.

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Be Mindful of Your Schedule

Being a new mom, you may not feel like there is much of a schedule. Everything is done on a whim and you work around your baby. But the beauty of this is that this is a schedule! It may not feel or look like it, but it is. To keep things flowing smooth, take a look at your littles sleeping and feeding schedule. When planning your travels, try to join these factors into your trips.

With feeding schedules, especially if you are breastfeeding, you will want to stay on track. I know that everyone will want to hold the baby and give it loves. This can cause distraction so your little doesn’t acknowledge hunger or sleepiness (resulting in a rough time when it all sets in). Make sure to keep feedings consistent and stay on schedule with sleep if you can. I found it easiest to dismiss myself to a private room to nurse and get B to sleep. This also saved my supply – little changes like this can cause a dip.

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Keep Your Baby Close

The holidays can consist of a lot of baby passing. That can be great for you to have some time with free hands and even rest! Take advantage of this. It will help you to still stay near though. You will be able to read your baby’s cues, because you are going to read them better than anyone else. It will help to keep them on their feeding schedule and their sleeping schedule.

Being close also ensures you can see what is taking place – like kissing the baby. Holidays are a great time to share germs and your baby’s immune system is not ready to handle such big things! Staying close can help you make sure hands are washed and no unwanted contact is taking place.

Baby wearing is another great way to keep your little close. I battled with severe Postpartum Anxiety and wearing her calmed my nerves and ensured I could meet B’s needs. I still gave family time to love on her but I helped me set and maintain much-needed boundaries.

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Enjoy Yourself

It can be really easy to put yourself on the back burner, especially during the holidays. Take this time to embrace motherhood! Spend time creating memories and traditions. Put yourself in the pictures (really, ask for people to take pictures with you and your new family). Enjoy the food, festivities, and lights! You won’t get this time back, so make sure to make the most of the holidays!

Being a new mom comes with a lot of transition. Here are some tips to help you navigate the holidays and save your sanity! #newmom #holidays #selfcare

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