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The Giving Christmas Tree: A Family Activity

As a child, one of my fondest memories is that of decorating the Christmas Tree. After all the Thanksgiving festivities, we would dig out the Christmas tree or go buy a real one (that was my favorite), carry all the decorations up from the basement, and for hours, spend magical time together as a family. Right before my eyes, I watched as my house turned into a real life Winter Wonderland.

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I got to watch B light up when we put together our own tree this year. She loved getting to put the ornaments on and sit back and see the lights! There is something magical about getting to see your child transport to a different world but such events. Another important aspect of the Christmas Season I would like to instill in B, is giving. Not just presents, but giving our time, energy, and excitement to others as we help them. Help being the focus here. Service as a love language.

During the holidays, we tend to give the gift of gifts. With this activity, you can teach your children about the gift of service and love while creating lifelong memories with the family. #family #holidays #christmas

The Gift of Giving

If children can learn the spirit of giving and helping, it will carry on throughout their life. It helps them to be more selfless in the their actions and sympathetic to those around them. I would love to see my children display this to their peers. It would brighten my soul if I saw them extend those past their peers, such as our wildlife and community.

I’d love to claim this next idea as my own but I cannot. I have to credit my mom, veteran mom of 3 and Grandma of almost 2. Instead of digging the tree and ornaments out this year, she went rogue. She got a real tree, put it out on her deck (where her cats won’t get in it), and had B come over and help make and decorate. She did put outdoor lights on the tree but that is the only thing she had to dig out.

This tree provided B with a great sensory activity, helped her focus on fine motor skills, and it is eco-friendly, and gives back to the outdoor animals (lots of food). It also has super easy cleanup at the end if the season.

What you need

A real tree


Pipe cleaners or wire

Ice Cream Cones




Peanut Butter


Your Giving Tree

My mom chose to get a Real Christmas Tree to decorate but you don’t actually have to get a Christmas Tree to do this. You can choose any tree (or shrub) in your yard! We have woods behind our house with some big Cedars and a couple naked trees that are in our yard. The animals do not care what type of tree you have – they are just appreciative of the food you are providing for them.

Cranberry and Cheerio Ornaments

We used pipe cleaners for this. You just take the pipe cleaners and thread Cheerios and cranberries on. You will firm a circle and secure and then its ready to hang.

Orange Slice Ornaments

Take an orange of two and cut them in thin slices (they should look like a big circle). Take your string and tie through the center.

Orange Bowl Ornament

Cut your orange in half and scoop out the center. Poke three holes into the peel and use three strands of string to ring through the holes and tie at the top. You can fill the cups with seeds, cranberries, and Cheerios.

Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Run a pipe cleaner through the bottom of the cone. You will want to roll the end of the pipe cleaner that is inside the cone to support it. At the top of the pipe cleaner, make a loop to secure on the tree. You will spread peanut butter on the cone and roll it in seed and Cheerios.

Pine Cone Ornaments

You with use string to create and loop to secure to the tree. Spread the Peanut Butter on the cone and dip in seed.


If you are feeling festive, you can make your own Garland with Cheerios, cranberries, and popcorn.


This tree provides hours of fun for kids! It is a wonderful craft and teaches them how to be resourceful and imaginative. You can also help teach them that you are giving gifts to your wildlife by providing them food during a time where it can be quite scarce. We will be making these ornaments throughout the season and hanging them on all of our trees (yard and woods). I am looking forward to showing B all of the wildlife that comes to use her gifts that she made and start teaching her at a young age how amazing the gift of giving.

Even from a young age, children can learn about the gift of giving. The holidays are the perfect time to start this lesson. This is a super family, kid, and eco-friendly activity that you will forever cherish. #christmas #christmastree #familyactivity

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3 thoughts on “The Giving Christmas Tree: A Family Activity

  1. This is a terrific idea that I’m excited to do with my kids! Thank you for the easy, doable ideas. Can’t wait to bring in the birds with this Giving Christmas Tree!

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