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If it’s about scaling your brand authentically

I am Brenna, Social Strategist for mompreneurs!

You give me the free time I so desperately needed. I am able to focus on other tasks while I know without a shadow of a doubt you have my social media handled!”

Well, it happened.  You have been rocking this thing called #momlife and growing this dream business! That is a HUGE accomplishment.

You are doing exactly what your soul is guiding you to do!  But you know by now that it takes a lot more than just your passion to run a business – there is A TON of behind the scenes work to stay visible. You have to be visible to make sales.

So how do you stand out in a saturated market?  How do you reach your ideal audience and build authentic relationships?  How do you #doallthethings and maintain balance between life and work?

*Hint – you work with me!  I have learned from the experience of being a mom and business owner how hard it is to do #allthethings.  I came to a point in my own business where I needed to focus on my passion and have experts in other areas come in so I could focus on creating and my client experience. I have been right where you are!


 #momlife, right!?  Then throw running a business on top of it all and suddenly we are feeling burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, and mentally exhausted.  You are wearing so many different hats throughout the day and it can be SO HARD to find balance…and time for it all.

I have been there first hand, and let me tell you, it is not a fun place to be!  But there is hope and a giant beaming light at the end of the tunnel.

I will give you the shortened version of my story:

I couldn’t go back to work after having my daughter.  My calling was to be a mother! I hustled and bustled and grew my business so I could be a SAHM and WAHM.  My business grew amazingly fast and I loved it. I got pregnant with my son and I continued to grow. Overwhelm, stress, mental exhaustion. Why?  Because I was doing #allofthethings

I have been there.  I know as a business owner how hard it is to run your business and be a mom and a wife.  That is why when you are ready to continue scaling, you need to take a step back and not do it all alone.

My passion is helping other ladybosses like myself scale their business!  I do this by providing Pinterest and Social Media Strategy so backend functions do not take away from the important stuff – your business.  As an added bonus, I help you leverage your traffic, brand authority, and visibility which ultimately lead to sales!

I am so glad that you are here!

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